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Launched in 2014, by a team of European beauty passionate, NOTE COSMETIQUE is a beauty brand that encourages us all to stop and notice beauty. We recognize the beauty in the everyday and we invite our community all over the world to take note of it, too.


With an emphasis on positivity and connection, we are global beauty brand inspired by Paris, a dynamic city with boundless creativity in fashion, beauty and culture. “Cosmétique” is part of our logo, to pay homage to our favourite inspiration, Paris.

Inclusive and accessible, the multicultural vibe of Paris incited us to create a brand to empower every woman, in every culture and in every stage of her life to uncover the best version of herself expressing her unique beauty.

Caring for our customers and supporting their well-being is our brand’s heart. We believe that beauty is not just something we all have inside, but something we can give to others. Therefore, we invite you to join us as we embark on a mission to spread beauty together


We celebrate women and encourage everyone to respect one each other. We are an interactive community in which everyone counts, and we enhance connection between our consumers all over the world. We believe beauty rhyme with inclusivity

We create products adapted to every woman of any age, and part of any culture.We see the future bright and focus on the positive. We are here to cheer you up, focus on the positive and spread this feeling with positive Notes.

Taking care of you is at the heart of our brand, and we will be respectful, helpful and compassionate. We are committed to keeping our prices accessible because there should be no boundaries in beauty.

Life is a collection of moments
Make the most of each and every of them
Note Your Life
Note That Moment

Note That Beauty