Waterproof Summer Make up

Step 1.

Spread a small amount our NOTE Skin Perfecting Illuminator over the entire face to even skin tone and add luminosity to your look.

Step 2.

Apply  a thin layer of our NOTE Mineral Foundation in small, circular motions, starting in center and working out while using a foundation brush or a sponge. Avoid the eye area.

Mineral foundation

Step 3.

Squeeze a small amount of our NOTE Mineral Concealer onto under the eye directly or on fingertips. Gently blend with fingertips, or a latex sponge/ concealer brush.

Step 4.

Use a fan brush to apply our NOTE Baked Highlighter 01 on the highest points of the face: cheekbones, cupid’s bow, chin and nose.

Baked highlighter 01

Step 5.

Apply shade C of our  NOTE Professional Eyeshadow 104 on the entire eyelid. Use the brush end to diffuse and blend out shadow.

Step 6.

Add volume to your lashes with our NOTE Waterproof Volume One Touch Mascara. Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes, starting from the bottom of eyelashes to the tips, using small, horizontal zigzag movements.

Step 7.

Using the brush end of our NOTE Natural Look Eyebrow pencil 02, groom hairs upward and outward to set brows. Then use the pencil end to fill in the spaces between the eyebrows, add colour and shape to the brows. Try to gently draw the tip of the eyebrows upwards to give a raised brow shape.

Step 8.

Enhance your smile with our NOTE Mattemoist Lip Gloss 402. Apply directly to lips starting from the center of the lips and moving outward.