Waterproof Make Up

Waterproof make up model

Waterproof cosmetics are often called cosmetics for special tasks. They have to prove themselves in many extreme situations, such as swimming in a pool, intense training, summer heat or, even on special events like weddings.The formula of waterproof cosmetics is definitely different from classic products. The classic products’ formula is mostly based on water, whereas waterproof cosmetics contain ingredients that are water-resistant.

What types of waterproof cosmetics are there?   

The range of waterproof cosmetics is very wide indeed. The most common are eye make up products, such as mascaras, pencils, and eyeliners.


Our NOTE Smokey Eye Pencil is a sharpenable pencil with the application feel of a liquid eyeliner. This double-ended pencil is designed for a perfectly soft, blended line with extra-long wear. It glides on effortlessly delivering smudge-resistant, waterproof finish. It practically feels like melting onto skin and than reliably stays put for hours – no matter how busy the day is.


Our NOTE Elegant Matte Dipliner provides a high color intensity delivering  a rich, deep hue that is water-proof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof. It’s long-lasting formula stays put, even in the hottest and humid climates. Thanks to its flexible soft felt-tip applicator the liner glides on smoothly, following the curve of the eye creating a clean, precision line every time with a great staying power.

Elegant Matte Dipliner


Our NOTE Volume One Touch Waterproof Mascara provides glamorous lashes that last all day no matter if you are at gym, outside at sea, pool or while watching your favorite romantic love movie! The unique brush evenly distributes the texture coating each lash with maximum volume in one stroke and without clumping. The creamy water resistant formula applies easily, wraps the lashes with a full black shade delivering volume and length with masterful precision and exceptional control.

How to remove waterproof cosmetic?

Due to its durability, waterproof make-up cannot be removed with micellar water or make-up remover. Two-phase product, such as our NOTE Instant Bi-Phase Make Up Remover, works best. It is specifically developed to gently and quickly remove waterproof and long-wearing face, eye and lip makeup.  The bi-phase formula reduces the amount of rubbing and leaving skin feeling fresh and smooth without any oily sensation.

Bi_Phase make up remover


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