Warm toned eye make up

The warm colors of autumn (browns with a hint of deep red, gold, and beige shades) harmonize perfectly with any eye colour. This make-up eye look will be perfect for everyday use.

Step 1.

Apply the beige (shade B) eyeshadow from our NOTE Professional Eyeshadow 107 as a base. Start from the eyelid to the brow bone to set your crease and help with blending later on.
Switch to a smaller brush and create depth by applying the brown  shadow (shade D) to the outer half of the eyelid. Extend the shadow line slightly beyond the outer corner and raise it slightly upwards. Thanks to this, you will  create a cat eye effect.

Note professional eyeshadow 107 ABCDE



Step 2.

Carefully apply the brown eyeshadow (shade D) to the lower eyelid, just below the lash line at the outer corner of the eye.

Step 3.

Define your lashes with our NOTE Sculpt Master Mascara . Apply to the upper and lower lashes, starting from the bottom of eyelashes to the tips, using small, horizontal zigzag movements.

Step 4.

Fill out your brows with light, upward strokes by using NOTE Eyebrow pencil 02.

Note Eyebrow pencil 02 swatch behind

Step 5.

Set your make up with our NOTE Transclucent Setting Powder, with added blue light protection. Smooth all over face using the enclosed applicator or a powder brush, starting from center of face and blending outwards.

Translucent setting powder swatch behind

Step 6.

If you think your eye makeup is a bit on the intense side, you can easily balance your overall look with a slightly more subdued shade of lipstick such as our NOTE Mineral Matte Lip Cream shade 02 Nude Love. Using the cushion tip applicator, glide from outward to the center of your lips.

Mineral Matte Lip Cream swatch behind


To complete your look, use these great NOTE Cosmétique products: Mineral Foundation 401, Mineral Concealer 201 and Baked Powder 02.