Love at first sight

How to create an irresistible Valentine’s Day makeup look

Valentine's daily routine look

After the year we just lived, any excuse is a good excuse to ditch our (oh so comfy) sweat pants, throw on some fancy clothes, and celebrate. And Valentine’s day, waiting just around the corner, might be exactly what we need.

Whether you are planning a romantic candlelight dinner with your lover, pulling a Leslie Knope and throwing a fantastic Galatine’s day, surrounded by all your best friends, or just planning on rewatching the Notebook (he did write 365 letters!), here are three makeup looks inspired by NOTE cosmétiques’ Love At First Sight Eye Shadow Palettes and created by Laura, our brilliant makeup artist. 

Daily Routine 

Don’t be fooled by the word routine – Laura’s look with the Love At First Sight Daily Routine eye shadow palette is anything but boring! This metallic look is perfect for those of you who are looking for an eye-ful of mystery and irresistibly pouty lips.  

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Instant Lovers 

Looking for a “new romantic” look? Laura’s got your back! With the Love At First Sight Instant Lover palette, you’re in for a treat. The pale rose, combined with the deep purple and our Volume One Touch Mascara is the perfect match to create a look no one can tear their eyes from. Deep Impact Lipstick (Fall in Pink shade) is a secret weapon to make your lips oh so kissable. And they said romance was dead… 

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Freedom to be 

Who said Valentine’s day should be all about pale rose and red? This February 14th,  and any other day of the year, shake things up by pulling a colourful look, including a spectrum of electric pink, mysterious red, a bold orange and just a hint of golden shadow. 

To finish off your look, be sure to add some extra volume with Volume One Touch Mascara, and make your lips irresistible with Deep Impact Lipstick (in Impressive Red). 

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And don’t worry – not only is our Love At First Sight line dermatologically tested, paraben and cruelty-free, it is also made to last for a very, very, very long time. Each palette is packed with a mix of pearly, matte and metallic eyeshadows that blend perfectly with one other, so you can choose a wide range of finishes for eye-catching effect. You can even add a little water for better control while applying, and more intense colours. So go ahead, enjoy your Valentine’s day plan to the fullest!