Get Laura’s fluffy brow look.

Learn how to shape your brows, easily and quickly with our new innovative Brow Addict. Your brows will love it !

Our new Brow Addict is a two-in one product to help you get that perfect long wearing brow look.

On one end, there is a tinted cream with a slim innovative applicator that will fill in the empty or sparse areas in your brows and allows you to design the shape you want. At the other end,  is a tinted non sticky gel, with a tiny  brush to comb, style and fix the brows.

The lightweight texture dries quickly, goes on smoothly, and spreads evenly through the brow hair to deliver a flawless, well-groomed look. The tiny tapered brush applicator blends and builds the gel effortlessly, while the precision tip shapes, outlines and presses hairs into place. 

It’s available in 4 different shades, dark blonde, light brown, dark brown and grey brown. Follow Laura’s 1, 2 steps with Brow Addict to create her fluffy brow look.

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