Futuristic Eyeline Makeup Look

Futuristic Eye Makeup Style

Make-up should emphasize individual styles, with creativeness, surprising application techniques and bold colours. The classic cat eye lines are still very fashionable, but there are even more daring lines to try out: double, short or long – it all depends on your imagination. Although it may seem brave at first, you can get used to this style in no time.

As a makeup product, eyeliners will never go out of fashion. If you want to draw attention to your eyes an liner will definitely help you achieve this goal. The key is to choose the right eyeliner.

How do you create futuristic make up?   

Unlike the classic cat eye, the futuristic style only keeps the outline of the liner. You don’t fill in the line you drew. You can draw thicker and wider tails while doing this futuristic eyeliner style. You can also extend the line to the inner part of the eyelid or to the middle. It is also very common to use eyeliner as eyeshadow. You can create  an intense look on your eyes using vibrant coloured eyeliners. Choose white if you want to draw a thin line under your eyes. Start from the outside of your eye to the corner of your eye and make a tail right from the corner of your eye to the inside. You will certainly grab everyone’s attention with this look.

elegant matte dipliners

Coloured Eyeliners

Coloured eyeliners look great on the eye when worn alone, as the only strong accent in the make-up, accompanied by glowing skin and nicely shaped eyebrows. Another popular technique is applying colour on the lower lid and smudge it with the upper lid at the outer corner of the eye. You can also mix several colours in one line to create an ombre effect. Our Note Elegant Matte Dipliner will help you achieve this effect. It is available in 4 shades: green, blue, black and brown so you can mix them however you like. In addition, our Note Elegant Matte Dipliner has a soft felt-tip applicator, that glides on smoothly creating sharp and defined lines with just one sweep.

model matte depliner

Eyeliner Application Tips

If you have trouble applying a liner to your eyes, follow these few tips:

  • apply the eyeliner right after the foundation and before the eyeshadow and mascara
  • if using a pencil eyeliner, make sure that the tip is not too sharp
  • create a smoky look by drawing the eyeliner with a fine-tipped brush
  • apply eyeshadow base first to avoid the eyeliner from smearing or smudging
  • make sure your eyeliner applicator is clean
  • choose eyeliners or dipliners that are water-, transfer-, sweat- and smudge proof.