Choosing Best Highlighter

A glowing, radiant skin is naturally beautiful. And highlighters can add a little something extra to your natural beauty. Highlighters are most often applied under the eyebrows, on the temples, the tip of the nose and cheekbones, with multiply benefits: highlighters can help you look younger, minimize dark circles, open up your eyes and beautify brows. Want fuller looking lips?  Gently apply your highlighter on your Cupid’s bow! Highlighters are a great complement to both daytime and evening make-up looks.

highlighter model

Which highlighter to choose?

When deciding on a highlighter, think about the effect you would like to achieve on your skin. Choosing the right highlighter may seem complicated. They come in different formats:  powders, creams and liquids.  Pressed products may be a better solution for those with oily skin. For those with dry skin, a cream or liquid product with a wetter finish might be a better option. For daytime use, you may prefer a light glow, while in the evening you can indulge in a stronger, brighter shimmery effect. That is why it is worth having a few different highlighters in your cosmetic bag.

When choosing a highlighter, pay attention to it’s shade to match your skin. Pick up a highlighter shade that’s about two shades lighter than your skin tone. For fair skin tones use shades that have more of a cool pink finish, like lilac, pearl, and silver. If your complexion is olive to medium, warm shades of highlighters in peach, gold and champagne will suit you better. Rich variations of rose gold or bronze work wonders on darker complexions.


One of the differences between the products on the market is the size of the reflective particles in the highlighters. Larger particles provide a radiant look to the skin. They add freshness and shine to the skin. They can be used for everyday makeup as well as for evening events. Smaller reflective particles will make your skin shine strongly, especially in the sunlight. Pressed powder highlighters can have a more powdery or even ‘buttery’ consistency. It is best applied using with a fan-shaped brush. This way you can apply just the right amount to your face. Use a smaller brush if you need to be more precise. Our NOTE Baked Highlighter’s formula also allows for wet application. First lightly spray the brush with a setting spray, then apply the product onto it. The special pearls in the product create a unique illuminating effect, and applying the product is pure pleasure. Our NOTE Baked Highlighter is available in  two shades 01 Moonlight and 02 Sunkiss.

Baked highlighter 01


Cream highlighters are also a great alternative. You can apply it all over your face, mix it with foundation, wear it alone or apply it directly over your makeup. When applied over foundation, they can perfectly complement your everyday face makeup, adding some freshness to it. Use a beauty sponge or even your fingers to gently dab the product into place. Alternatively, mix a few drops of cream highlighter into your foundation before applying to add even more radiancy. Try it with our pearly, satin-smooth NOTE Skin Perfecting Illuminator.  It will strengthen the glow, moisturize and even out the skin tone. Applied also under foundation, it will prolong the wear of your make-up.

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Drop highlighters are a liquid face highlighter that have been developed to illuminate the complexion for an immediate radiance. After applying a concealer and foundation, dab the highlighter onto the high points of the face and blend softly using beauty sponge or fingertips: to the middle of the forehead, bridge of the nose, eyebrow arch, the area above the cheekbones, chin and Cupid’s bow.

Alternatively, mix a few drops with your favorite foundation and apply to the face for an added boost of glow. The creamy-fluid formula of our NOTE Drop Highlighter applies easily and evenly blurring small imperfections and keeping skin hydrated.